Our September regional dinner takes place on Tuesday 24th and sees us depart southern Italy and head to Veneto in the northeast.

The Veneto region takes in the beautiful Adriatic coastline (which includes the Capital, Venice) to the South and then stretches upwards and inland, bordering the dramatic Dolomite mountains in the North.

We're cooking a menu that's based on our own travels to the region and whilst there's plenty of well-known Venetian dishes to try we're excited to cook a menu that encompasses the whole region with dishes from Vicenza, Verona and Treviso all featuring.

[antipasti to share]

Sarde in saor

(deep-fried Sardines in vinegar)

Arancinci nero di seppia e calamari

(squid ink arancini with squid)

Radicchio gratinato



Bigoli al anatra

(Bigoli pasta, duck sauce)

Pasta e fasioi

(Pasta & beans)



Baccala alla Vicentina

(Stockfish cooked in milk & anchovy, polenta)

Brasato al amarone

(Beef braised in Amarone red wine sauce)

Ragu di funghi


[dolci to-share]

Grappa Pannacotta


(Venetian doughnuts)

£39 per person

The dinner costs £39 each and includes all of the food with antipasti and desserts shared across the table.

To make a reservation please click here or contact Giuseppe & Pierre directly on: eat@palatino.london | 0203 481 5300

*please note we will require a deposit of £15 per person in order to secure your reservation.